Web-based reporting tools are a valuable asset to your organisation. Online reporting, especially via mobile devices, gives users the freedom to view their data wherever they are and at any time.

We enable companies to get control of their business by exception reporting, cross-product data merging and automated alerts and reports.

Using the latest web technologies (MVC5) ensures that web-based reporting tools are just as flexible as desktop versions but are far quicker to create and deploy. Reports can be run on-demand or automated and can be exported to PDF or any of the popular Office formats.

Information is key in business, however too much or badly managed information is more of a hindrance than a help. Our suite of reporting and charting tools offers some great benefits for your business helping you to stay one step ahead.

We offer:

• Web-based reporting tools

• Custom reports so you only get the reports you need

• Reports export easily to Excel, PDF and other popular Office formats

• Reports may be automated to run at a particular time of day, week or month

• Each report features interactive drill-downs and dynamic grids

• Smart dashboards - effortlessly view your KPIs whenever you need to

• Identify opportunities - streamline your business operations

Take a look at some of the types of custom reports we can provide for your business, all at the touch of a button. Reports may also be automated ensuring that you receive the information you need at a scheduled time.

• Revenue - monitor sales vs. margin on your products or services

• Invoicing - track individual customer invoicing and monitor overdue accounts

• Transport costs - proactively report on vehicle, labour costs and fuel consumption

• Staffing - compare costs and productivity

• Warehousing - efficiently track picking, storage and handling costs