Web Applications

Many organisations these days have a presence online but have not taken advantage of the benefits of directly interfacing with their customers via the web.

An online ordering system that allows your customers to place orders directly frees customer service resources whilst improving order accuracy and eliminating the need for manual order keying.

We can help you provide these value-adding services to keep your business one step ahead of the competition and retain your existing customers.

Our robust web applications can provide your customers with a centralised location where they are able to manage their assets, monitor operations and query or report on information relevant to them.

A web application is a secure website provided by an organisation for use by their customers or partners.



An intranet is a website that runs on a company network for internal use by that company.

We have wider-world corporate experience developing intranets that are fully scalable and easily adaptable for medium to large sized businesses giving you great benefits for your own business.

Some of the smart features of our web based intranets include:

  • Web-based applications that run in any browser

  • Integrates smoothly with existing company software and systems

  • Quick to create and deploy - no client software on a machine allows changes to be made visible to all users automatically

  • Flexible and scalable - we can easily add further reporting capability as your business demands dictate

  • Intuitive and easy to use - no prior user training required

  • Ongoing support and maintenance