We partner with a number of businesses in industries including Logistics, Medical, Telecoms and Food packaging. Below are a few examples of some of the solutions we have provided.

Advanced administration

Over the years we have fine-tuned our platform to be as easy to manage by the user as possible. Our admin screens make it quick and easy for users to maintain their data and access this from other areas of the application.

Logistics management

We designed a European logistics management tool for a UK-based logistics company. They use our tool to automatically process shipment orders, consolidate linehaul loads and provide traceability information across Europe.

Automatically generated reporting packs

This example shows the output of an integration with 3 systems in order to collate service level data. Service level agreement reporting packs are scheduled and then automatically generated and emailed to customer management for review.

Online/Offline tablet applications

We have designed a number of tablet applications for offsite data capture. Order creation, audits, asset tracking, agreement signing and expense recording are a few of the solutions we have provided.

Interactive scheduling

Our interactive scheduler includes drag and drop functionality for simple maintenance of events and bookings. The base scheduling system can be modified to fit any need as it is entirely developed in-house.

In-built grid filtering and exporting

Our platforms include grids with built-in filtering, sorting, grouping and export functionality. We also provide pivot grids for Excel-like functionality directly into our applications.

Order scheduling and tracking

We currently work with import/export and logistics companies to help them schedule and track container movements. Our platforms provide end-to-end solutions from EDI order import, through scheduling and transport planning to carrier mobile applications.

Real time reporting

The ability to view up-to-date information at any time is a must for many businesses. Our real time reporting solutions and dashboards enable constant monitoring of crucial operations.

Asset management

The booking, tracking and transporting of assets is a complex undertaking for many companies. We can provide asset tracking solutions for any sized company to help reduce asset loss, damage and improve route-planning.

Summary dashboards

Summary dashboarding can easily show the health of a business in critical areas. Any design or data relevant to your business can be displayed prominently to critical staff.

Issue tracking

Manage and maintain lists of issues using a highly visible and easy to use platform. This helps to automate and streamline customer communication and support requests.