While moving onto the cloud or having a cloud-based application may not be the right fit for some businesses, there are a number of benefits that come from it, and with Microsoft Azure in particular.
We utilise Microsoft Azure for our cloud hosting and development. As a Microsoft offering, it’s a trusted, solid and secure platform on which we build many of our applications.
When working on a solution for your business, we’re able to develop directly into the cloud, or transfer existing data from your servers.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting


Don’t let physical storage and local computing power hold you back – if you’re a growing business or you experience influxes of projects or client work, we’re able to instantly toggle your performance and storage needs as your business changes and evolves.


Instead of data stored in one location and susceptible to instances such as damage and power cuts, information is stored and copied securely across a number of locations in massive data centres across the world, meaning even if one area went down, multiple copies of your data would remain available.


With the backing of Microsoft, Azure’s security controls and features are second to none, meaning data hosted within the cloud is just as, if not more secure in some instances than traditional server hosting. Microsoft uses machine learning, behavioural analytics and other technologies to continuously defend against threats.


Azure allows us to quickly and easily deploy to different development environments. For you, this means savings on time and development costs, while ensuring flexibility when moving through testing and pre-production stages, and assurance of code quality and consistency throughout.


If you have clients or customers across the globe who utilise your application, we’re able to deploy a copy of your app to a certain geographical location – meaning faster operating speeds and a better user experience.

Microsoft Office Partner

We’re a Certified Microsoft Partner – meaning we have the backing of Microsoft to develop and provide quality solutions to our customers. We’re able to access a range of Microsoft’s offerings, as well as 24/7 support, meaning we’re always on hand to help you too. We choose Microsoft because of the trust and standing they have in the industry as a provider of solid, secure, and innovative products and technologies.

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