Frictionless data transfer for effective decisions

For many business managers, there can be serious gaps in their information or access to it, reducing the control they have over their business or division.

Whether it’s financial information that’s only delivered after it’s too late to do anything about, data that’s split across a number of platforms which is too time consuming to source, or information that would be ‘great to have’ but just can’t seem to be extracted – businesses are regularly missing out on opportunities to save money, or gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. That’s where we can help.

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Business to business data transfer

In larger organisations, especially those with higher transaction volumes, the ability to interface with other systems is essential. However – not all companies use the same software or have the capability to share information externally.

We don’t just identify it – we automate it. Particularly in the logistics sector, we’re able to implement various types of electronic data interchange (EDI), as well as support some non-standard formats. By automating the transfer of data between your business and your partners, efficiency is improved and manual processing errors are reduced.

Your employees will be able to step back and simply monitor the process – enabling them to fully focus on what they do best.

Types of Integration

Financial Integration

Track sales, invoices and expenditure in a single-view dashboard connected securely to your existing software.

Analytics Integration

Monitor business performance with your integral analytics and insights pulled from various sytems and platforms.

Reporting Integration

Have your most important data right where you need it – helping you make effective and informed decisions.

Internal data integration

Many companies utilise multiple software products and platforms to run their business cost-effectively. In some cases, legacy systems can restrict data transfer internally, or others are not able to integrate properly – meaning a manual process is required and re-keying is a standard practice.

We provide simple and efficient solutions to automate these processes, whether it’s consolidating, aggregating, reporting on or transferring data.

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Don’t let manual data transfer slow you down.
Improve efficiency and reduce business costs while enabling a
frictionless data journey for you, your business, your employees and your customers.

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