A central repository for efficiency and control

Every business is different – with their own unique needs and ways of working. So it’s no surprise that you might be having trouble finding an existing platform or website that completely fulfils your business’s requirements.

Have you considered an intranet?

Hosted securely on your servers and for your company only, an intranet is a great option for any business looking for a comprehensive, web-based repository for data, reporting, communications and logistics.

Smart features for smarter businesses

Flexible and scalable

Our intranets work in any web browser and scale easily for your changing business needs.

Intuitive and beautiful

No prior training required with a user-friendly interface customised to your business style.

Integrated and adaptable

We build intranets that integrate quickly and smoothly with your existing software and systems.

Ongoing support and maintenance

We stand by our work – we provide ongoing support packages and ensure timely maintenance.


Shipping Management Intranet

Anyone in logistics knows how important it is to be able to keep track of assets, cargo, employee output and customer service levels. We built an internal intranet for a shipping company that incorporated everything from containerisation and rate management, to payable and crediting invoices and tracking customer service management.

Dashboards were created to track and oversee this data, as well as manage KPIs. Admins are able to deploy company-wide notifications, as well as create permission-based areas for different levels of users.

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