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Getting smart insights from your business information comes from being able to see patterns. That’s not easy to do if data is scattered across different platforms or reports. It’s even harder when key information isn’t collected at all.

Our job is to get all your information aligned and easy to access. It allows you to connect the dots and make smarter decisions for your business.

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Automated Reporting

Manual data gathering and reporting can be slow and arduous. For you, that means reduced output and money lost. We’ll work with you to understand the key insights your business needs. Then, we map out a solution – plugging holes in your data collection and providing reports that deliver the most important information to you in real-time, or automated and exported to whenever and whatever fits your requirements.


Whether you’re after a holistic view of your operations or different reports for business divisions, we can help you track your vital business insights.

  • Revenue: Monitor sales vs. margin on your products or services.
  • Invoices: Track individual customer invoicing and monitor overdue accounts.
  • Transport costs: Proactively report on vehicle maintenance, labour costs and fuel consumption.
  • Staffing: Compare costs, productivity and schedules.
  • Warehousing: Efficiently track packing, storage and handling costs.
  • Fleet management: Utilise map views showing vehicle locations in real time..
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Our smart dashboards provide effortless, beautiful views of the business data that matters to you – KPIs, sales, customer satisfaction and feedback, profit and loss, and more. They’re customised to your business and adaptable based on your feedback and changing business needs.


Daily Security Report

For a client with specific data security needs, we developed an automatically generated security report, which is emailed to admins every morning in a CSV file format. The report provides detailed insight into their company application, including who has logged in, and who has been locked out due to too many failed login attempts. This allows them to quickly and proactively assess potential break-ins or identify the need for updated login details.

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