For business managers who like control

If you run a business division, or an entire company, it’s a safe bet that you want control of your business’s information; not just security over it. You want current, easy to understand access to the most important information in your business. The kind of information that can save you time and money. The information that, if you knew it, could help you improve your employee and customer experience. Information that gives you greater control.

If that sounds like you, welcome to Cortex.

We believe that the best business performance comes from having access to the most important information in your business, so we specialise in building software solutions that provide our clients with greater insights into how their business is working – and how it can work better.

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Empowering you, empowering your customers

Regardless of your industry, your customers are becoming more demanding. Their expectations around quality continue to rise, while also demanding faster and better service. Greater control around information provides a valuable solution.

The simplest way to meet ever-increasing and varied customer demands is to give your customers more control and insight into their key information. Giving your customers more control not only improves their experience, it saves you significant time and money. Best of all, you can ensure consistency of service and experience for every one of your customers.

Identifying the areas of your business that can be put directly into your customer’s hands is one of the many ways we can help you streamline your business. And while it’s more control for your customers, it’s also more control for you.

Our Values


Our specialised skill sets come from years of experience and personal development.


Whether it's development, support, or collaboration - we get things done and will move mountains to do so.


We're driven to develop cutting-edge solutions that make our clients industry leaders.

Customised solutions, off-the-shelf pricing

When we talk about creating software or development solutions to suit your business needs, you’d be forgiven for thinking we might be wildly expensive. After all, anything customised usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag, right?

Well, not in this case. While we do create customised solutions for our clients, we’re pretty smart about how we go about it. Essentially, we’ve already spent time developing the main infrastructure of our systems, so when it comes to providing your solution, we’re simply adapting the outputs to suit your specific needs.

Think of it like a car. We already have a great chassis and engine block ready to go. So, when we work with you to evaluate what your business needs, we’re already past the most complex development work. Best of all, that existing infrastructure has been well tested and has a proven track record in the real world. Not only can we can we create a great solution, we know it won’t have the bugs and development delays that are often associated with custom-built or boutique software.

What does this mean for you? A seamless, robust solution that’s customised to your needs - all for an off-the-shelf price

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Promises kept

We’re big fans of people who do what they say they will. We’ve built our business – and our reputation – by doing just that. But it’s easy to say you’ll deliver on time and on budget.

We wanted to make sure we actually did it, which is why we spent a lot of time developing smart, solid infrastructure for all our software programming. It gives us a sound platform for all our ongoing work to be built upon. Plus, we know it’ll work – so it reduces testing time and increases our ability to focus on the unique areas that matter to your business.

Best of all, it makes our workflows predictable. And while that sounds pretty dull, it actually means we can accurately predict what it’ll take to deliver a given solution.

Ultimately, it means one important thing to you. When we make a promise, we keep it.

Make your business shine

We design and develop applications that delight your users and grow your business.