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Collaborating with clients to develop the solutions they need.

We partner with a number of businesses in industries including Logistics, Medical, Telecoms and Food packaging. Below are a few examples of some of the solutions we have provided.

Multi use app | Cortex

Multi-Use Mobile App

We developed an app for a client who manages medical equipment, to be used by their employees. With this app, they can easily track order collections and deliveries, as well as scan item barcodes and access up-to-date information about item availability. This app also includes user permission controls, allowing admins to have control over which users have access to which functions on the app – allowing for greater streamlining of workflows, as well as data security and control.

Tablet/Mobile Booking App

A responsive and user-friendly mobile/tablet application was developed for a client of ours who oversees and manages shipping and cargo. The app is used by this company’s customers, and is available to them on any tablet and mobile device – meaning they can access information about their orders and track cargo, anywhere and anytime they need to.

User security was a big focus for this client, so additional features were added to protect both them and their customers, including increased password security, 24 hour system lockouts and daily misbehaviour reports.

Booking app | Cortex
Monthly summary  | Cortex

Monthly Case Management Summary

This client had important data spread across three different systems. We provided an integration solution for them – allowing them to have a collated, holistic overview of all their service level data.

Working closely together, we designed and developed service level agreement reporting packs, incorporating their most important statistics and service level data. This was turned into an automatically generated report that’s emailed directly to their customer management team for review.

Logistics Collection Management

One of our clients is a UK-based raw materials importer in the chemicals industry. We integrated with their SAP system and provided them with a cloud-based reporting and management portal where they can monitor collections and deliveries in real-time. This system allows them to react instantly to issues, maintain service levels and meet their deliverability targets.

Logistics | Cortex

Cortex Ticketing System

If we don’t practice what we preach, we wouldn’t be a good business! We recently re-developed and streamlined our own ticketing system, including upgrading the design and user experience.

It includes a dashboard with up-to-date ticket information, an overview of who is working on what, an internal notification system, detailed work history information and the ability to log support emails with statuses and priorities. Our clients can log in and view their own tickets, as well as update or add information.

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